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The delivery of government services should be made simple and with a specified period. The greedy employers take a bribe and provide appointment letters. essay writing website on my school days To accomplish this, change over black money into white cash. Not sure about the answer? Former International strategic affairs analyst Mr.

Fitness and performance need to be the sole criteria for promotion. Now the appointed personnel will use all illegal and legal means to recover the lost money as soon as possible. help write a thesis statement cause effect essays Youths with fundamental instructive capabilities ought to enter legislative issues. It has been assessed that in around 40 years India will see a four-degrees ascend in temperature.

Probably the greed of people would have been reduced or the jealousy among them might have increased leading to a lot of more unpleasant environment. Perhaps, there are small measures taken by the government in last few years, but the result cannot be seen instantly, but generally people especially the middle-class people are eager to see a positive outcome from all of these. custom essay paper of css 2014 Unlike western countries, in India, there is no tradition or system to bring the corrupt persons to trial and make the person pay for the crime. Quote of the day Technology is destructive only in the hands of people who do not realize that they are one and the same process as the universe.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The god-fearing and honest officials are not courageous and criticize the bribe-happy and dishonest colleagues. Help with my essay vision corruption free india People lose their patience for again working hard, so they indulge in various unscrupulous means to get a lucrative salary and post.

Related Articles Difference between ancient and modern art essay. Yet, all isn't lost. Help with my essay vision corruption free india Ask for details Follow Report by Rithika Hence, directly or indirectly everyone is corrupted in this world, not only India. Why should we vote?

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This can only stop when all people in the country are at least literate in the country and a country like India, which is known for its village culture, it is going to take a lot of time to educate the whole of the country for them to understand what is right and wrong for them. Harshad Mehta plotted the events in such a way that enable him to draw millions of rupees fraudulently from various banks under the noses of high officials, managers and members of the staff of the Reserve Bank. professional dissertation writing services victoria bc Corruption is one of the social issues to consider, which is there for ages. The media houses must also highlight excellent performance by the respective ministries.

It partially did work and many were caught during the submission period of old currency. Related Articles Difference between ancient and modern art essay. affordable writing services septic pumping I want a free account. It is hard to imagine a country like this, but with this change and lot of other things would also change.

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Entirely rebuff the individuals who proclaim false assets. There should be proper monitoring of the service quality and hefty penalties must be enforced for not maintaining the service standards. Help with my essay vision corruption free india Due to low remunerations, government employees like office staff, clerks, etc. Secondary School Political science 7 points. These are some of the struggles that are faced by the general people and to add to the list there are umpteenth of them.

It is rightly said that when a character is lost, everything is also lost. It is the principal feature of Indian corruption. Help with my essay vision corruption free india Hence, directly or indirectly everyone is corrupted in this world, not only India. The working conditions in various places are bad, so the employees become frustrated and adopt illegal methods to have a better living. Gratifications, kickbacks, commissions and bribes are the order of the day.

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