Paraphrasing sentences online exercises with answers ielts

Ur providing valuable tips, I like ur videos very much and the way u explain is awesome. The answers for this exercise have now been posted below. write my essay for cheap www.write Here is an example of how a sentence can be re-written by using synonyms:. I just emailed you my writing samples. Synonyms do not have exactly the same meaning and cannot always be used at the same time.

By doing this, citizens who speed will be put away and situation solved. But there is grammatical errors, plz guide me. professional dissertation help help To all other students, I hope you learn to be careful when paraphrasing. However, I need to score minimum 7 in writing, so I will give it another try as soon as possible.

Paraphrasing sentences online exercises with answers ielts report writing help purposes 2018

What would you suggest to improve this score? The authorities believe that after the installation of speed cameras the problem will be abated and in my opinion, the Government will get the desired results and the problem will be resolved. The video below explains this very clearly so you should not be making this mistake. By doing this, more people , who drive speedly will be caught red handed and finally this problem will be resolved.

Doing daily exercise …my ideas?? Try to write yourself a question: Learn how your comment data is processed. July 6, at 6: July 10, at 3:

The only key to the problem is to install speed cameras on major streets by the government deterring people from speeding. That means you will do well in those criteria. Many people, when driving cars, exceed the speed limit in city centers.

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The answers for this exercise have now been posted below. Students getting around band 5 in speaking and writing are making too many mistakes to be awarded band 6. the help essay questions definitions So, to manage my time in relation to my experience, what if I do the written exam in the following order.

You do not need to use all the words. Taking the example from above again:. coupon code It depends on the number of main points you have. Advanced Writing Task 2. Kindly provide an effective method to reach my goal and also I would like to do some practice exercise for planning and paraphrasing also, the link provided for paraphrasing practice is not available.

As an answer for this, the authorities ought to install more speed prevention cameras on motorways, to deter people from speeding. I am pretty sure I made no grammar nor spelling mistakes. writing customer benefits What do you think?? About me Hi, my name is Elizabeth Liz. Lets make more changes to the sentence.

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May 23, at 5: July 28, at Return to top of page.

Return to top of page. July 6, at 6: Not even in my native language, so I know I must work on that. June 19, at 1: To overcome this problem management should install possible number of speed cameras on streets.

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